It Was A Dark And Stormy Write

Wait…what? Welcome to my blog! Here, I’ll post about writing, things that bother me about writing, things I love about writing, and occasionally, some actual writing! Please, make yourself at home!

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Thrak Is Good And Best Writer

Hello Writers! If you’re keeping up, which I highly doubt, you will note that I missed last week’s post. And the week before that. So, I felt like I should explain myself. Accountability, and all that. I’ll start by saying that my mental and physical health have not been great. Winter brings a whole host… Continue Reading →

Sail On, Silver Girl

  Stars pinprick the velvet night, along the beach. A barn owl hoots softly near by. I wish you could tell you. I know how much you loved them. I hear the waves, but I won’t go into the water. You always said night is when the sharks come in to feed. Instead, I breathe… Continue Reading →

The Silver Screen Savant, pt 2- the Meh, the Bad and The yikes.

Hello Writers! Last time here on Starry Starry Write, I talked a little about Autism in the media and my personal experiences therein. Today, I’d like to go a little broader, and tackle the topic from a macro perspective. In recent times, you’ve probably heard “Representation Matters” oft repeated. Especially in prominent talking spaces like… Continue Reading →

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